Nippon Gohsei portraits at BP Saltend.

Shooting five business portraits in an hour on location is quite a demanding task for any photographer.

Nippon Gohsei have a facility at BP’s Saltend Business Park in Hull and were looking to

 up date some of their senior staff portraits. I was hoping to use some cool industrial backdrop for a couple

of shots but was unable to do so without getting permission, which would be very time consuming.

That’s where the demanding part comes in, five different subjects in a fairly standard office location (oh boy).

Well I managed to get a suitable exterior background without going outside by shooting one subject in the doorway (result!).

I asked if the MD could stand on a box or something for one shot I wanted and watched as a secretary put her foot through

a plastic container to see if it would hold his weight (it wouldn’t), oh how we all laughed!

Anyway, it all came together in the end and I’d like to thank all my subjects for putting up with my suggestions and corny quips.

Nippon staff-0989 Nippon staff-0996 Nippon staff-1014 Nippon staff-1023 Nippon staff-1037 Nippon staff-1039 Nippon staff-1046 Nippon staff-1055 Nippon staff-1064 Nippon staff-1072