Unless you’re POSH and BECKS you are probably not used to having a camera pointed at you for an hour or so and this is where a Pre-wedding or COUPLES shoot
is so useful.

The TIMES I have heard either one or both partners say we’re not too good in front of a camera, or we’re not the ‘touchy’ ‘feely’ type, who then end up with
a cool set of images I can’t tell you.

I PROMISE you won’t regret it on your wedding day, once you’ve done it the wedding photos are a piece of CAKE!



  • Dom & James-2324
  • Dom & James-2316
  • Dom & James-2267
  • Dom & James-2301
  • Dom & James-2259
  • Dom & James-2243
  • Dom & James-2235
  • Dom & James-2229
  • Dom & James-2221
  • Dom & James-2154